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About Us


Sea Horizon Offshore Marine Services, follows through on the legacy of servicing the Offshore Oil and Gas industry throughout the Gulf region, for more than 45 years.

Headquartered in Dubai with branches throughout the Middle East, we have mobilized our services across the region, expanding internationally to South Asia, and East Africa.

Entering our fifth decade in the marine business, Sea Horizon, has provided services to some of the industry’s leading organizations in the Oil and gas sector while servicing our clients and partners in offshore support industry globally.


As a family-owned and run company with a global vision, the partnerships we create with clients and suppliers are invaluable to us. We treat each, with the utmost care, respect and transparency, to continue our legacy on solid foundations.

With expert partners from around the world, Sea Horizon has the capabilities and know how to support a wide range of offshore support needs ranging from vessel chartering, dredging, ship management and affiliate services.

A word from the CEO

Danial Kaabi

Sea Horizon follows through a legacy of almost half a century in shipping. Growing up within the maritime sector, I feel blessed to have been taught the value of strong relationships and how this amounts to a commitment to excellence, quality service, high-quality safety standards and investment in people.

At Sea Horizon, we are passionate about the future of maritime and committed to making positive change when it comes to climate action and shaping the direction of this industry for our generation and the next. In light of this, since joining the business from a young age, my mission has been to become even more innovative, sustainable & global.

Acknowledging that our greatest asset has, is and always will be our people and the strong relationships we have built across the industry in almost half a century since we have been in operation, as an independent, privately-owned, family company, our culture is focused on building for the future by investing in long-term relationships internally and externally with global organisations, nurturing them to flourish over the years so we can grow together.

When we commenced operations in the early 1990’s, we started by representing what are today, some of the biggest vessel operators in the industry. While, we have also come to own our own fleet and continue to build our portfolio with our renowned international partners in the maritime sector.

With an outlook beyond the horizon, exciting things lie ahead for Sea Horizon and the maritime sector in general. We look forward to strengthening existing partnerships, exploring new opportunities and expanding our international outreach even further, providing you with the individualized service your business needs regionally and globally, supporting you every step of the way.

Chief Executive Officer

Danial Kaabi